What I’ve Learned From My Internship at Cold Nose Lodge

Sep. 27, 2019 by

Four years ago, I started my first job at Cold Nose Lodge. I always had a soft spot for dogs and figured this would be the perfect job for me. Through the years I’ve learned more than I could’ve ever

Scout hates Penn State football

Aug. 30, 2019 by

It’s time for the return of college football. That makes Scout a bit nervous and unhappy. For many dogs, the start of football season means some changes at home. Family members who have been active outside for the summer suddenly spend

Do’s and Don’ts for a safe summer with your dog.

Jul. 2, 2019 by

Summer is here, and it’s a time for many outdoor activities with our dogs. Summer is great for pool parties, walking on the beach, attending festivals,  and grilling in the backyard with friends. For many people, late night fireworks are