Dog Grooming

Appointments for baths and nail trims are available add-ons to a dog daycare or dog boarding visit every day.


A bath includes a free nail trim and ear cleaning.

$25 for dogs under 10 lbs
$30 for dogs 11-25 lbs
$35 for dogs 26-50 lbs
$40 for dogs 51-75 lbs
$45 for dogs 76-100 lbs
$50 for dogs over 100 lbs
For boarding dogs:

$25 for dogs under 60lbs
$35 for dogs over 60lbs
FREE for dogs boarding at least seven nights!
There is a $5 additional charge for dogs with long coats. A creme rinse is included.

Additional Bathing Services

Brush Out: $10
D-Mat tangling and shedding treatment: $10 (Includes a brush out)
Blueberry Facial: $10, $5 with bath

Nail Trim (without bath)
$10 with daycare
$5 with boarding
FREE for dogs boarding at least seven nights!
Add nail polish to a trim for just $5!

Teeth Brushing

$5 (includes a disposable toothbrush)

Stoli in Tub