Is a Beagle a Good Fit for You?

Do you already know a beagle is a good fit for you because have a beagle or a beagle mix? Beaglefest 2019 will be held at Cold Nose Lodge on Saturday, March 16 from 12:30 pm – 3 pm. Bring your beagle to play with other beagles and beagle-lovers in our heated playroom and fenced yard. You can see all event details and requirements here!

UPDATE: Beaglefest 2019 was a blast! You can see pictures from the event here.

Is a Beagle a Good Fit for You?

As you watch all the wonderful beagle fosters from SOS Beagle Rescue pass through Cold Nose Lodge on the final step of their journey to find a family, somewhere along the line you may have wondered if a beagle would be right for you. This beloved breed continues to be one of the most popular in America. From the beagle’s presence in pop culture with lovable and infamous Snoopy to beagles in the White House, we’ve opened our hearts and homes to these wonderful companions.

Beagles have found their way into our families and laps, but the breed of small hounds was created for hunting and thus retain the characteristics that made them so valuable in the field. Some of these characteristics play right into why they are such wonderful companions while others may bar them from being a perfect fit for some families. This post is intended to be a generalized guide to the breed help you determine if a beagle is right for you. However, dogs are individuals with their own unique personalities and quirks. Not every beagle will fit the mold exactly.

A beagle might be a great fit if you’re looking for a dog that:

  • Is medium-sized which is convenient for companionship
  • Has a hardy build, and a short, low-maintenance coat
  • Is  even-tempered, gentle, and gets along with everyone
  • Looks just as sweet and soulful as they are
  • Is energetic and determined (a combination that is adorable, and hilarious at times)
  • Loves outdoor activities where they can follow their nose

A beagle may not be the right fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for a dog that can be let outside in your yard without being secured by a fence or leash
  •  You’re unable to provide exercise/mental stimulation
  • Food motivation would bother you (Food motivation can be so helpful for training, but if there is food that a beagle can access, for instance, an unattended plate, snack, or even what we humans call trash 😉 , they may consider it fair game)
  • You want a dog that is quiet (you wouldn’t be able to tolerate, or your living situation doesn’t allow for, baying and howling)
  • You wouldn’t be able to deal with moderate shedding

Again, not every beagle will have all of these characteristics. If you’re depending on a dog to have a certain personality or energy level, a great way to ensure a perfect fit for your family is to adopt an adult dog. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate snuggler, the energetic adventurer, or something in between, adopting an adult dog helps to ensure you find just who you are looking for. If you’re up for the challenge of working with any type of personality that may develop, looking forward to training, and don’t mind messes, a puppy could be a great fit.  

Are you interested in learning more about the beagle breed? From the history of the breed, including why many beagles have the characteristics above, to why beagles are so special to the Lodge, you can read it all here.

Are you super excited because you think a beagle is the perfect fit for you? That’s wonderful – there are so many special beagles waiting for homes. Follow us on Facebook if you’re interested in seeing the fosters available for adoption that stay at the Lodge. You can find SOS Beagle Rescue’s website here.