An Interview with a Special Member of the Lodge

An Interview with a Special Member of the Lodge 

Here’s to a decade of puppy kisses and cuddles, ebullient playtime, cozy nap times and sleepovers, fosters finding homes, and of course, friends that become family. It’s hard to believe that we had our open house at the Lodge on this date in 2008. We were still wrapping up construction, but gave a sneak peek that day. We were open for daycare and boarding by the end of that month!

A huge thank you to our clients for an amazing ten years! How does hot dogs for lunch, ice cream from an ice cream truck, cake, live music, and a treat from Canine Acres for your pup sound? We’re so excited to see you at our tented 10th anniversary party on October 20th! Stop by anytime between 11AM – 2PM to celebrate with us. The ice cream truck will be here between 12 – 1. Along with all the fun and goodies mentioned above, you can look forward to spinning our prize wheel!

See more details about our 10th Anniversary Party here: 

It means so much to us when you cheer on our foster dogs in their search for forever families,  share their stories in hopes of helping them find homes, and rejoice when they do find their people. We are so happy to welcome SOS Beagle Rescue to our 10th Anniversary Party. SOS will be collecting toys for puppies, small puppy collars, dog treats, puppy piddle pads, and monetary donations.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we scheduled an interview with someone special who remembers the day quite well. She knew change was coming, but she could have never imagined all of the fun and new friends who were about to enter her life. You can read about the opening of the Lodge from Betty Reitnauer’s perspective below.

Pictured: Betty the beagle being interviewed


Q: What are your memories of the Lodge open house in October 2008?

A: What a day. I remember that my new human baby arrived from South Korea the day before. Our house was both filled with excitement and sleepy people. I didn’t go to the open house. I decided to let my big sister Winnie, the dog on the logo, be the star that day. I enjoyed the peace and quiet curled up getting some beauty sleep. Plus, I needed to rest up for my very important role handling introductions at the Lodge.

Q: In the early days of the Lodge, who did the introductions?

A: As you know, an introduction is the way that Cold Nose Lodge makes sure that all of our guests are happy and comfortable being in a playgroup with other dogs. That means that all dogs who come to the Lodge for daycare or boarding have been through the introduction process. Well, let me tell you, in the early days of the Lodge, I did every single one. It was fun and made me feel important. No one was put in the daycare room unless they were comfortable with me. We used to do the introductions in our bathing room. If all went well with meeting me, we added another friend. If that went well, we kept adding until we were ready to join the entire playgroup. Back in the early days, the entire group could be just a dozen dogs. I’m sure that dog parents who check on their pups using our live online cameras see that we’ve grown from daycare being like a little get together to a full blown party.  It’s so much fun and there are so many friends to choose from to play with. Our staff has grown as well. I’ve loved welcoming each staff member into our family at the Lodge.  

Q: What was one of your scariest memories from the first year?

A: I was playing with my friend Mattie, having a great time. Suddenly, someone on the staff was leashing me and frantically looking all over my body. I was covered in red spots! It turns out Mattie had just lost a baby tooth and bled on me. Lesson learned for the staff – if puppies are playing, watch out for lost teeth.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Lodge?

A: I love that we have adopted out so many foster dogs over the years. There was a time when I was no longer wanted by my original family. I lucked out when I became a Reitnauer, later assuming my position of boss of the Lodge. I know I will be loved and cherished for all of my days. Many dogs are not so lucky.

Q: Do you still work at the Lodge?

A: I spend most of my days lounging at home, but I do still board at the Lodge a few times a year. I also go to daycare about once a month just to check up on things. I guess you could call me a semi-retired absentee owner. Woof!