Your Dog Wants You to Take a Vacation

Having a dog is a lot of responsibility. It can take away some of the flexibility you had in your pre-dog life. Last minute trips, staying out late after work, or sleeping in on the weekends all become less likely. If you have a safe, fun place for your dog to stay and play while you have some time for yourself, you can take back some of that freedom. Let 2014 be the year to find balance, allowing you to be a devoted dog parent and have a life of your own.

20140206-163043.jpgLooking out your window to see your yard covered in snow is a great motivator for planning a vacation.  If you haven’t been spending time away from your dog, plan to start with just one night, or maybe a weekend trip. It will be good practice for both of you.

If an overnight sounds like a huge step for you, a few hours of daycare may be a better start for you. Set up an evaluation for daycare to see if your dog enjoys the group play.

Because group play isn’t a good fit for every dog, another option is to have someone come to your house to walk your dog. This can be a regular daily option, or just as you need. Whatever you choose, set up a plan to give you and your dog some freedom in 2014.