Talking about our animals everywhere we go

I remember someone telling me long ago the reason we all love to talk about the weather. It is one of the few things we all have in common. It is certainly a safer topic than politics or religion for conversation with strangers, or some family members. Another “go to” topic is animals, something many of us have in common, too. Even people who don’t have their own dogs will talk to me about their grand-dogs or neighbor’s dogs, or even the family dog from their childhood.

I was out running errands today and overheard several conversations about animals. At the bank, two men were talking about a cat. At a department store, people were discussing dog beds. I was a part of conversations about dogs at two of my stops.


I was using my dog-themed purse, provided someone with my obviously dog-related email address, and had on my Cold Nose Lodge jacket. Before today, I had assumed that I was having more dog conversations than the average person because of my conversation triggers. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe everyone is talking about animals. Maybe more people are obsessed with their animals than I knew.

I’d love some feedback on this topic. Are you talking about your animals more than your children? Are you more likely to discuss your dog or the upcoming snow with a stranger in the checkout line?¬†