Happy 2nd Birthday Scout!

Two years ago, I had no idea a sweet little black puppy was born who was going to steal my heart. In June 2011, I saw a picture online of a dog with his litter mates in a South Carolina shelter. They were on the euthanasia list. I kept checking to see if they had been adopted or at least pulled by a rescue group. I didn’t know how I would save them, but I knew I wasn’t going to let them die.

I had some happy news – a rescue group in Texas pulled three of the five puppies. They didn’t really have room for any more puppies, but managed to make room for three anyway.  I was told there were two boys remaining at the shelter, still on the euthanasia list. I arranged to have them pulled from the shelter, neutered, fostered for two weeks, then sent up to me. It turned out that those two boys were actually two girls. In shelters that are overflowing with dogs, it’s hard to keep straight who is male and female. Here are Scout and her sister River before heading up to Pennsylvania on transport.

ImageDuring this entire time, my plan had been to find these puppies families of their own. My house was to be a temporary stop. I met the girls on a Friday night in July. We met in Hamburg when their transport stopped in a hotel parking lot. They rode back to my house and we planned to spend the next week meeting friends and adjusting to life up north. During that week, my cousin’s family fell in love with them. They adopted River. My husband then started talking about maybe having Scout stay. Of course, I agreed!

ImageScout is now a part of our family, and the star of the Bandana Bunch. Happy birthday to Scout and her sister River! It is amazing to think about how close they came to missing out on all birthdays.