Why we “Bark and Wine” for the Beagles


Thursday, June 12, 2014, Cold Nose Lodge is hosting its Bark & Wine event to support SOS Beagle Rescue. Cold Nose Lodge has always had an extra fondness for beagles. Our founder is a beagle lover, currently mom to two beagles (and two black lab mixes). Winston, the dog on our logo, was a beagle/border collie mix. As an added bonus, beagles are naturally good in groups like daycare, because they were originally bred to hunt in packs.

2013-12-19 16.18.11

Duke & Daisy

For those who are not familiar with SOS Beagles, here is a little background. SOS Beagle Rescue began in New Jersey in 1991 by Linda Forrest. It’s a non-profit, tax-exempt, 100% volunteer organization and is active in New Jersey, Alabama, and Tennessee. Their main concern is not necessarily how many beagles they place for adoption, but that each beagle has a quality adoption and will not be abandoned again.

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Cold Nose Lodge is a proud supporter of SOS Beagles. Foster beagles are able to come and stay free of charge, play in daycare, get treats, food, shelter and love by staff members. The Lodge’s number one love is dogs, so when they see these beagles that are getting a second chance at life, they welcome them with open arms for as long as they need it.

All of the beagles that are up for adoption are up to date on vaccines, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and on a heartworm preventative. SOS beagles depend on foster homes to make this rescue possible. It is not an actual facility where the beagles stay and can be seen; all beagles go right to foster homes and stay until they are adopted. Anyone who is interested in fostering should contact SOS Beagles because help is always needed.


Snoopy and Sherman

Beagles are amazing companions and life partners. They will love you unconditionally and remain loyal partners to you no matter what. If you are interested in adopting a beagle PLEASE make sure you do some research and understand that beagles can be the best dogs, but are not a good match for everyone. If you live in an apartment where they won’t get to run around and howling to tell you they love you is a problem, please reconsider.

Not all people are fit for beagles even though they are amazing dogs; they do need a lot of care and love. If you’re ready for a beagle and can adopt one, please visit SOS Beagle Rescue for more information or come to the Bark & Wine, Thursday, June 12, from 7:30-9pm and show your support at Cold Nose Lodge! Together, we can rescue and save all of these dogs and coexist better than we ever have before!