What to Pack for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

What to Pack for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

If you have a vacation you’re looking forward to this summer, your dog may be boarding while you’re away. Dog boarding should be like a vacation for your dog! Continue reading to learn what to pack for your dog’s boarding stay to make it fun and comfortable. 

We are looking forward to seeing so many of our furry friends this summer!

What Should I bring?

Your Dog’s Food

Make sure to measure out enough food to last your dog’s whole stay. Some boarding centers offer house food (Cold Nose Lodge does not). We suggest packing your own food anyway if possible. Switching foods suddenly can cause gastric upset for your dog. We know the last thing you want is for your dog to have an upset tummy while they’re away from home.

At CNL, our introductions help us to make sure that daycare, which all dogs attend while boarding, is a good match for your dog. This way, we can ensure that your dog will have fun while they stay with us. Even if your dog is having a great time, some dogs are a little unsure about the change in routine when it comes to feeding and need extra help to start eating meals in a place other than home. *If you know your dog might not be excited for meals while away from home, pack an enticing mix-in like wet food. A little bit of wet food mixed into a normal meal can entice finicky eaters. Your boarding center should be keeping a close eye on your dog’s intake and should contact you if your dog isn’t eating well. If you aren’t sure if your facility does this, ask!

At the Lodge, we offer 3 feeding times in order to keep your dog’s feeding schedule as close to what they’re used to as possible. Once dogs head to the daycare rooms in the morning to play, breakfast is prepared and served when preparations are complete. Lunch is served over naptime, 12-2 on weekdays or 12-3 on weekends. Dogs return to daycare in the afternoon for a few hours before taking a short break for dinner after 2 1/2  or 3 hours of play. If your dog grazes on food throughout the day, that’s no problem! Their food will be available to them at all mealtimes and overnight.


We encourage owners to pack treats for their dogs. Treats are a great way to make your dog’s stay even more fun. The Lodge offers treats at naptime and bedtime. We have your dog’s treats waiting in the suites when we bring dogs back from the daycare room. They catch on quickly and happily run into their suites to search for their treats! It’s a great way to settle into naptime and for bedtime.

Cold Nose Lodge also offers extra special sleepytime treats  for naptime and bedtime that you can sign up for at drop off. Sleepytime treats include frozen yogurt, Bravo Chicken Dinner and Beef Dinner patties, Canine Acres Piggy Twists, frozen stuffed Kongs and more.


If your dog takes any medications or supplements please remember to pack them for your dog’s boarding stay. At the Lodge, all medications, including injections are administered free of charge. Continuing their regular medication regimen is an important part of making sure your dog feels good and has a great time during their stay.



Comfy blankets can make a boarding suite feel more like home. At Cold Nose Lodge, every suite is equipped with a toddler or kuranda bed. We encourage you to bring blankets to make the suite even more cozy. If your dog loves their dog bed, feel free to bring it along too. If you’re boarding at another facility, make sure to ask if a bed is provided for your dog and pack accordingly.


Favorite Toys and Chews

I’m sure your dog would agree that no vacation would be complete without their favorite toys and chews. Just make sure to only pack items that your dog can have unsupervised.  At the Lodge, dogs’ personal items stay in their suite with them. Puzzle toys and Kongs are especially valuable to entertain dogs before they fall asleep during naptime and at bedtime. Most dogs however, are so tuckered out from a playing at the Lodge that they’re asleep before we finish our final walk-through.

Something with Your Scent

A worn shirt or sweatshirt is a great addition to pack for your dog. Feel weird essentially packing dirty laundry? We will know exactly what your intention is! Your dog loves you and we’re certain that the only thing they’d change about a stay at the Lodge is having you stay and play with them and their friends! We love playing with your dogs during their stay and giving them tons of affection, but when they retire to their suites for the night, something that smells like you can comfort them and make their suite feel like home.

So let’s recap. What should you pack to make your dog’s boarding stay fun and comfortable? Your dog’s food, treats, medications, blankets/dog bed, toys/chews, and something that has your scent. We look forward to seeing you and your pup this summer!