Spring Grooming

It’s that time of year again……spring cleaning time!!  Spring is also the perfect time to get your dog that much needed grooming after the long winter days. Whether it is a bath and brush out or a full haircut and style, now is the time to make those spring grooming appointments.

Most dogs grow a heavier coat in the winter, even if they spend most of their time indoors. This heavier coat means come springtime, there’s going to be extra hair…….everywhere! As the undercoat hair loosens, your pet’s coat can become matted or tangled. This undercoat needs to be removed with bathing, brushing and grooming. IMG_6849

Marlene Yoder, groomer for Cold Nose Lodge, shows some great benefits of a spring grooming for your dog.

* “Keeps your dog more comfortable and allows you to spot health problems before they become serious.”

* “Spring is a peak shedding time. Removing old fur will keep your pet cooler in summer and allows new insulation to come in for the winter.”

* “A coat free of mats, burrs and tangles and skin free of fleas and ticks makes your dog feel comfortable, like fresh clean clothes do for people.”

* “For people with allergies, having a clean and trimmed dog will help. Keeps allergy symptoms at bay.”IMG_6850

* “Dogs that feel better are happier, act more friendly, and are more predictable and energetic. An improved mental state leads to better behavior.”

Spring also means muddier playtime outdoors as the snow thaws and the spring showers fall. A nice bath will help keep your pet clean and smelling fresh. We offer a variety of shampoos and fragrances for our grooming and bath clients.

Cold Nose Lodge offers full service salon appointments. Schedule your dog for a spring pedicure or a new stylish spring haircut. www.coldnoselodge.com