“So, You Say You Want to Work With Dogs…” – Part 2

No matter which dog-related profession you choose, the best way to find your niche is to get some direct dog experience, beyond your relationship with your own pets in your own home.

There are several ways to do this which require little or no preparation:

  1. Volunteer at a shelter
  2. Work for a friend or neighbor when they are away from home
  3. Work part-time at a dog service-related facility.


Real experience, paid training…

Working for a dog service professional is the best way to prepare for any dog-related professional category.  Whether it is a grooming, training, day care, boarding or retail facility, you will be trained and paid to work with dogs of different sizes, breeds and owners.

If you want to spend time with healthy dogs, consider working in a boarding kennel or doggie day care center. These jobs are often available to those with no previous experience, and training is done on-site. Day care workers supervise playtime for dogs that stay for the day. Kennel attendants care for and clean up after dogs that are boarding for days to weeks.   You’ll have a set schedule and pay check. With experience, one can eventually become a manager or business owner.

DSC04334If you like making dogs smell nice and look pretty, work with a professional dog groomer.  They can teach you as they groom and advise on where to get additional training.

Working with a dog trainer requires an understanding of the canine mind, an ability to educate, and a great deal of patience.  Dog trainers teach commands from basic to advanced and help dog owners teach these commands to their own dogs.

Dog owners want quality food and products for their dogs. They also want choices with little or no experience, you can work in a pet supply store, meeting all kinds of dogs and learning about all types of dog foods, treats, accessories and toys.

DSC05753Now imagine all the excitement, fun and learning experiences you could have at a facility that offers multiple services under one roof!  You will become acquainted with occasional dog misbehavior and some messy hard work.  You will also learn a skill all dog professionals require:  learning to deal with owners who encourage misbehavior and fail to follow through training lessons!  You will be accountable for the safety and well being of your client’s pets and in doing so find your specialty.

Consider Cold Nose Lodge!

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