Product Spotlight: the Freedom No-Pull Harness

Product Spotlight: the Freedom No-Pull Harness

When you walk through the front doors at Cold Nose Lodge, you’re sure to be greeted by our friendly staff. If it’s your lucky day, a few canine friends may welcome you as well, including our CTO (Chief Toy Officer) Stoli, who loves to show off his favorite toys in our boutique. If you’ve taken a tour of our facility during an introduction for boarding or daycare, then you’ve heard that we stand behind all of the products we sell in our boutique. From quality foods and treats to calming aids and everything in between, rest assured, we keep the well-being of your pup in mind as we carefully choose which products to offer.

The large selection of Freedom No-Pull Harnesses in a wide range of sizes and fun colors are no exception. We know how frustrating and severe leash pulling can be. In fact, being able to loose leash walk is one the most common goals among our clients who seek dog training. We love seeing clients ecstatic and proud when they show off their loose leash walking skills in class after practicing at home.

A Freedom No-Pull Harness is a great tool to help train your dog to walk nicely on a leash. Its design gives you control of the strongest point of your dog at their center of gravity so that they are no longer able to use all of their force to pull you. Best of all, it is a kind, pain-free tool. We understand that your dog is your best friend. At Cold Nose Lodge, we never suggest any training methods that cause fear or pain to your dog. Our fear free, positive reinforcement training builds upon the strong bond you have with your dog, without painful methods that endanger that relationship.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness

Why we love it:

  • It’s designed to use in conjunction with positive reinforcement training. There are a number of specific features in the design to help achieve loose leash walking.
  • The material is super strong and clearly high quality. The package includes a sturdy double connection leash with a sliding handle that is of the same high quality.
  • There are two places to connect the double sided leash, one in the front and one in the back. This allows you to effectively “steer” your dog. You can even clip both sides of the leash in the front so that if your dog pulls, they turn back toward you instead of pulling you forward.
  • It takes the pressure of a dog’s neck, preventing damage to the trachea, thyroid, and spine.
  • It’s easy for anyone to understand how to use. The harness comes with a visual guide on how to put the harness on your dog. The pamphlet also includes easy to understand directions on using the harness for training, including four ways to use the double connection leash.
  • The company understands that accidents happen. If you accidentally allow your dog to chew the harness or if it has been damaged in any other way, they will repair the straps for just the cost of shipping. They can also repair and replace other parts of the harness for a small fee.
  • The velvet strap around the bottom helps to prevent chafing to the armpits which is a common issue in short-haired breeds, especially those that are pullers.
  • The Freedom No-Pull Harness comes in a wide range of sizes and tons of bright, fun colors.

We also love how concisely they explain pulling dogs in the pamphlet:

“There are several reasons why dogs pull. The most common reason is because it allows them to get where they want to go faster. The idea behind the Freedom No-Pull Harness is to make “not pulling” more rewarding than pulling.”

There is no mystery, it’s that simple. Your dog doesn’t pull to upset you. Generally, they pull because they want to explore or get to something – whether that something be another dog, the next tree, or Cold Nose Lodge’s door because they know it’s playtime. Getting where they want to go is a reward. Replacing that reward with another, more immediate and valuable reward like a treat is the key to training your dog to loose leash walk. You should reward the moment you want your dog to repeat. If your dog is pulling, get your dog’s attention back on you by calling their name. Some dogs are so wrapped up in the moment of pulling that they will pay no mind to this. This is where the Freedom No-Pull Harness comes in handy. You can use the leash to gently steer your dog toward you. Once you have their attention and they have stopped pulling, even if only for a moment, give them a treat. Repeating this action will teach them that not pulling provides them with a better reward than pulling does. Clicker training is especially useful in communicating the exact moment you want your dog to repeat which expedites the training process.  

If you’re interested in learning more about clicker training, teaching your dog to loose leash walk, or want to be personally coached on teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash, check out our training classes or give us a call at (610) 965-3647. If you’re interested in purchasing a Freedom No-Pull Harness, stop by Cold Nose Lodge at 235 W. Penn Ave. Alburtis, PA 18011. Bring your dog along, we are happy to adjust the harness to ensure a perfect fit. Thanks Freedom No-Pull Harness & 2 Hounds Design for a great product!