Play School at the Lodge

We are excited to begin our newest program for the dogs in our care. In our new Play School program, we are providing an outlet for dogs to meet different needs than the daycare playgroup alone can do.

Lori and Loka with flirt pole out in the back play yard.

We customize the activities for each dog and make sure to hit all five senses throughout the day.

We also reinforce basic cues, like sit and come, and play with some fun tricks, like shake and twirl.

We have set up a dedicated Play School room, just off of our small dog play room. This room has shelving for our many puzzle toys, room for obstacles, and even a television to add new sights and sounds. A dedicated fenced yard is coming soon. It will have a variety of surfaces for the dogs to walk on and explore.

Emily and Trace practice tricks on the Klimb obstacle.

We will be setting up a “Sniffari” walk for them to engage their sense of smell. This leashed walk will give the dogs some fun new scents, like fresh herbs, shells, dried meat, and more.

Play School is offered in addition to daycare. Each dog receives three sessions with a teacher to engage all five senses. We will provide training treats, but can accommodate special needs for allergies or sensitive stomachs. Please discuss any special needs when signing up your pup.

Our trainers and senior dog handlers will rotate through the sessions with the dogs, so they are having one-on-one time with at least two people each time they attend Play School. We are starting the program with Mondays, with the goal of offering it Monday through Thursday by the summer.

Please register in advance. The introductory rate is $15 and space is limited.