Make A Great “Stocking Stuffer” for Your Best Friend

I never had a dog who didn’t love Christmas morning.  The family gathered and playing all in one room, heavenly sounds and scents in the air and best of all, opening and chewing on new toys (their own and everyone else’s).

Do you have an avid chewer or a pup that just loves to play? Why not make him a gift or two from the heart?  Often safer, sturdier and more cost-effective than store bought, you can make them in holiday colors or even use a favorite piece of old clothing to make it unique and special to your dog.

tennis ball toyTennis Ball Buddy


  • Tennis Ball (new or used)
  • Strips of Sturdy Cloth

Suggestion: Use towel or denim strips  long enough to make  tassels at both ends of the ball


  • Knife or Box Cutter
  • Large Crochet Hook or Screwdriver
  1. Poke a hole in both ends of the tennis ball (Carefully use a sharp knife or box cutter).
  2. Thread strips of cloth through both holes in the ball with crochet hook or screwdriver.
  3. Make a knot at both ends of the ball with the strips of fabric so they stay put.


Cautionary Note:  Not every toy is for every dog. These toys tend to be safe when used under supervision. Always keep a sharp eye your pet whenever you’re using any toy, especially for the first time. Discard any small pieces your dog gnaws off before they accidentally swallow them.

Creative Note: Push a few jerky-style treats into the tennis ball before threading the fabric through to make it more enticing. Variation: cover the ball with a sturdy material with tassels sliced into the ends.

tennis ball toy 2