Holiday Parties and Your Dogs

The holiday season is upon us, filled with get togethers, parties, and other festivites. Use these tips and guidelines to ensure a safe and joyous holiday season for you and your dog.

* Know Your Dog: You know your dog better than anyone. If a houseful of guests stresses your dog, be sure to provide a quiet retreat away from the festivities. You might consider another room of your house or even an overnight stay at a boarding facility.

2013-12-19 16.18.11* Holiday Fare:  Holiday parties provide a vast array of seasonal foods, desserts and beverages. Be sure to keep all foods and beverages where your pet cannot reach them. Many foods, such as chocolate and bread doughs, as well as alcohol can be extremely toxic to your pet. In addition, feeding your dog foods outside their normal diet, may cause intestinal upset and illness.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and will search out even the tiniest morsels of food. Be sure to keep all used aluminum foils and plastic wraps safely out of reach of your pet. Ingestion of these items can cause intestinal upset and possibly blockage.

* Seasonal Decorations:  As you decorate your home for the holidays, beware of the many dangers all those pretty decorations can pose for your dog.

Tinsel, ribbon, wrapping paper, strings of lights and holiday plants like holly and poinsettia may look like a yummy treat or fun chew toy to your puppy. But ingesting any of these items can be poisonous to your dog, or cause severe damage to the animal’s intestines. Even drinking water from a live Christmas tree is poisonous to pets! Keep a close watch on all pets to ensure they aren’t enjoying your decorations for a late night snack!

 DSC02811* Holiday Gifts: Be sure to inspect all gifts your dog may receive. Note any small pieces or squeakers that can be easily removed and swallowed. Offer new treats gradually to avoid upsetting your dog’s intestinal system. Don’t allow your puppy to eat or chew on ribbons, bows, or wrapping papers. Keep any human gifts with small pieces or materials out of reach.

* Make The Holidays Special for your Dog:  There are a lot of fun  things to do to include your dog in the festivities.

  • Serve your dog a special meal or treat when your family and guests are enjoying their holiday feast.
  • Take fun photos with your pets.
  • Spend time doing their favorite activity, like catching a disc or fetching a ball.
  • Have a doggie Christmas playdate with a few dogs your dog knows and likes.
  • Bring your dog in for a day of daycare to socialize and play with a few new friends.

Whatever your holiday party plans include, by following a few simple tips, your dog and you can have a happy and safe holiday season!

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