Life with Dogs: How to Keep Everyone Happy

Life with Dogs: Keeping Everyone Happy

In the elusive battle to find balance in our lives, dogs play a unique role. They enrich our days with unconditional love, and their presence in our lives provides a stage for many of life’s lessons. Every dog comes with their own unique set of both wonderful traits as well as challenges. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but when juggling work, family, housework, travel, and all of the ups and down of life, it can be hard to keep everyone, including your dog, and yourself, happy.

At Cold Nose Lodge, we understand. There is an answer to making sure that your dog meshes harmoniously into your life and family. For almost all of us dog owners, the answer is a little help. 

A great question to ask yourself when formulating a plan for your dog is: What does help look like for you?

In your situation is help:

  • Coming home everyday to a dog that has already been exercised and is ready to snuggle up with you?
  • Having all of your dogs needs met at a dog center when you’re away on travel?

Or does it look more like:

  • Hiring a dog walker to take your dog on a long walk a few times per week?
  • Having someone come to your house a few times per day to feed your dog, let them outside, and give them some affection when you’re away on travel?

Maybe it’s somewhere in between:

  • Having an option for a dog-sitter to bring your dog to daycare for mental and physical stimulation if they’re starting to act out because of pent up energy?

Each situation is unique. Visualize your dog’s days. Some dogs would prefer to lounge around home, while others need exercise and mental stimulation to keep their minds off of missing your attention while you’re busy or away.


At Cold Nose Lodge, we aim to make boarding like a vacation for your dog. All boarding dogs participate in 10 hours of fun-filled daycare per day. Dog Daycare at the Lodge provides an outlet for dogs to socialize and exercise with other healthy and friendly dogs. It’s an excellent way to provide dogs with physical and mental stimulation in a secure environment supervised by trained professionals. From bubbles, toys, and play equipment to sprinklers and pools in our yards during the summer, dogs are sure to have a great time when they visit. You can even watch them on our live playroom cameras while you are away!

Boarding dogs retire to their separate suites, complete with beds, to eat meals and to rest up overnight before returning to daycare in the morning.

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Dogs do not need to board in order to participate in daycare! Dogs are welcome to join the fun whenever they need a little extra exercise and socialization. We offer full days of dog daycare every day of the week and half days Monday-Saturday.

In order for dogs to attend boarding and/or daycare, they must come to the Lodge for an introduction to show that they are comfortable and friendly with the other dogs.

Call us at (610) 965-3647 to schedule your dog’s introduction today!