Gross Eats


What’s for snack today?

“It’s a dog eat dog world!” seems like a bigger exaggeration than realizing some of the random and foul things dogs tend to eat these days. No matter the dog, they all seem to have one thing in common- eating repulsive things.


Dried duck feet makes a yummy snack for many dogs.

Fecal fresh from the behind of your play date friend, duck feet to chew on, rabbit pellets that are spread throughout the yard, tripe (stomach), and frozen liver for a mid-day snack all seem incredibly repulsive to anyone with taste buds.

But who are we to judge? Anyone who’s ever had a furry loved one knows the best way to their heart is through their stomach. And if a feminine hygiene product or bathroom trash makes your dog salivate, why should we be the ones to question it?

What gross things have your dogs eaten lately? Post to this blog at tell us about the gross and disturbing things your four-legged friends eat!