Do’s and Don’ts for a safe summer with your dog.

Summer is here, and it’s a time for many outdoor activities with our dogs. Summer is great for pool parties, walking on the beach, attending festivals,  and grilling in the backyard with friends. For many people, late night fireworks are fun, too.

Here’s a look at some ways to ensure you and your dog have a safe and amazing summer:


💥 Allow dogs to walk on hot pavement. If it’s too warm for your hand it’s too warm for sensitive paws. 

💥 Allow dogs near Barbecue grills.They can be hazardous due to the heat they put off and grease drippings can cause stomach upset. 

💥 Allow dogs to eat grapes, raisins, chocolate, corn on the cob, bones from chicken or other meats, apple seeds and avocado to name a few. This rule applies to all seasons. 

💥 Leave dogs and kids unattended. This is another rule for all seasons and occasions. 

💥 Leave gates or doors open when guests are over. Dogs may be tempted to wander. 



🌞 Be safe at the pools. If your pup isn’t a strong swimmer be sure to have a life vest for him. 

🌞 Be sure your pup knows how to exit the pool using the steps. Teach him by guiding him there while you’re in the pool with him. 

🌞 Keep identification (tags) on and/or microchip your dog. Fireworks and thunderstorms are often causes why dogs escape their yards/homes. 

🌞 Use calming aids such as ThunderShirts, July Third or Adaptil for Thunderstorms and fireworks. (Most of these products can be found at the Lodge!) 

🌞 Take lots of pictures to share your adventures with us.