What Doggie Parents Don’t Know

When parents drop their fur-babies off at the Lodge, they know they will have the best care.

They know they will be fed, cleaned up after, given medicine when needed, played with and tucked into bed with their favorite things.

What they don’t know is that I love them as if they were my own.

I miss them and think about them when I’m not there. I wonder who is still there and who came in since my last shift. 

I believe it takes a special breed of person to be a dog handler in a Doggie Daycare. I call them my work babies. I get to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes.

I talk to them all the time. I’m filled with love when they’re happy to see me. And I’m filled with sorrow when one passes away. I give each and every one praise when they do something good. I love to see the look in their eyes when they feel proud. And I pretty much lose my mind when they do something adorable.

I say “Awe about a hundred times a day. 

When a dog or puppy comes in for the first time and is a little shy, I talk to them sweetly and the next thing you know they’re following me around. I reassure them they are okay and before you know it they’re playing! It melts my heart to see them happy and thriving.

And at the end of a long day when they’re all tired and lying down, I like to sing to them and pet them. It’s my favorite part of the day. So even though I go home exhausted and covered in hair, it’s still the only job I’ve ever looked forward to.


by Tanya Edelman