Do you still need help with that resolution for training?

Will 2014 be the year you finally have a well mannered dog? Does your dog still jump on you or your friends to say hello? Does your dog go crazy when you see other dogs while out walking? Are you looking for a fun new activity for your dog? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you.

IMG_2904Basic training is an important component of every dog’s upbringing. Don’t tolerate bad manners. Your dog can learn new behaviors at any age. You can register for a free evaluation with one of our trainers if you are not sure where to begin. We will help you develop a training plan and set of goals.

Canine Good Citizen status is a great goal for you and your dog. The course focuses on creating responsible owners and well-mannered dogs. At the end of the course, your dog will be tested on a set of ten skills, including proper greetings and good leash manners. Some insurance companies will offer a discount on your home owner’s insurance if your dog has been certified a Canine Good Citizen. CGC can be a step towards becoming a therapy dog. (Requirements vary by facility.)

If your dog isn’t quite ready for CGC, we recommend starting with a basic obedience class. At Cold Nose Lodge, we call ours Elementary School. We use positive reinforcement and redirection in our training. If you do not live close to the lodge, or our schedule doesn’t work for you, please look for a training program with a similar philosophy.

Our training philosophy:

We believe training should be based on a relationship of trust, not fear. For that reason, we use positive reinforcement, redirection and luring to train dogs at the lodge. The use of physical corrections and other aversive training methods (choke chains, prong collars, etc.) are prohibited in our training programs.

If you are just looking for something fun, there are many options for you. Practicing your skills by joining a walking group like the Bandana Bunch gives you and your dog time to socialize and get exercise. Dog Sports classes like agility, nose work, and freestyle (dance routines) keep you moving. The mental stimulation is just as important for the behavioral health of your dog as the exercise is important for his physical health.

Finally, I’d like to discuss our Reactive Dog class. For some dogs, a regular group class is not appropriate. Fear and/or anxiety at the presence of other dogs or some people can make a dog act out. In a reactive dog class, your dog is taught to turn to you for support, rather than feeling they need to act out to protect you. Those dogs that lunge and bark at the end of the leash can often be taught to walk nicely in the presence of other dogs. This is a specialized class, with only controlled access to others. It is a slow process, but with commitment, you can see great improvement.

IMG_01032014 can be the year for you to have the best behaved dog on the block. Please contact the lodge for more information on any of the programs mentioned or to schedule a free consultation with one of our trainers.