A Day in the Life of a Cold Nose Lodge Foster Dog

A Day in the Life of a Cold Nose Lodge Foster Dog

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the things we’re thankful for at Cold Nose Lodge. Every foster dog waiting for a home has a story. We’re thankful that we can be small, and happy, chapter. We have been a part of hundreds of dogs finding homes and look forward to helping hundreds more.  

We know that our adopted fosters are being cherished by their wonderful adoptive families and hope they maybe someday they’ll stop in for a visit. Did you adopt a dog? We would absolutely love seeing a photo of them on our Facebook post here!

The gleeful, wagging tails of Rainbow, Patticake, Squirrel, and Jenny are fresh in our minds.  In our hearts, we hold memories of foster dogs past like Stormy, Kumo, Timmy, and so many more that we have shared a special bond with. We fall in love with all of the fosters we welcome, but there are those who we just can’t let go. The list of dogs who have joined our staff’s families continues to grow! Ranger and Bear now join Cadi, Peaches, Bugle, Howie, Chester, Zoey, Blue, Scout, Tyson, Luna, Marty, and Maggie in being adopted by a Cold Nose Lodge staff member.

Right now, we have one little girl at the Lodge waiting for a home.

Image may contain: dogMeet Copper!

Copper is a sweet, friendly, and outgoing girl, who does well in the crate, loves people, and is having fun in daycare with the other dogs. She is 3 1/2 years old and available for adoption through SOS Beagle Rescue – NJ.

A foster dog’s stay at Cold Nose Lodge begins just like any new client. After the pup meets our staff and we learn what we can about our new friend, we start with an introduction during dog daycare. During an introduction, we are watching for cues that indicate that the dog is a good fit for the daycare environment. We want to see that they are friendly and have appropriate interactions with the other dogs and at the same time we gauge their comfort level.

Once they are integrated into the group, they enjoy a full 10 hours of play per day. Just like all of our clients, during these 10 hours, they spend their time enjoying a climb on play equipment, chasing after toys, getting excited over bubbles as well as pools and sprinklers in the warmer months, and plenty of affection. Whether they are taking in a nice day outside in our yards or spending most of the time in our temperature controlled facility, they are always supervised by our trained professionals. We are right there beside them, always watching for those positive interactions. We intervene and redirect dogs to other fun activities and practice training and manners to keep every dog in the room comfortable and happy.

For meals, naptime, and bedtime, they retire to their private luxury suites. They settle in for some peace and quiet and quickly fall asleep. At 7 AM, they wake up recharged for another fun-filled day at the Lodge.

Although this is great preparation for a home of their own, it is not nearly a substitute. They are waiting for the sort of exclusive adoration that only a family of their own can provide. We love seeing our fosters continue to attend daycare, enroll in our training classes, and return for boarding stays, but we are always overjoyed to see these loving dogs walk out our door for the first time, en route to their new homes.

In 2018, we worked with a very special rescue:

SOS Beagle Rescue – NJ

SOS stands for Save Our Snoopies, and that’s just what this wonderful rescue does! SOS is dedicated to saving the lives of beagles by sheltering homeless or abandoned dogs and adopting them to loving homes. The New Jersey chapter of this impressively extensive organization serves Pennsylvania and New York as well. As many of you know, Beagles have a special place in our hearts at CNL. Please consider donating to this rescue through Paypal here or by sending a donation to

SOS Beagle Rescue

814 Judith Lane

Atco, NJ  08004

In large part thanks to your Facebook shares, we are happy see so many fosters find homes in time for Thanksgiving. Have a safe and wonderful holiday, everyone. Don’t forget to post a picture of your dog here!