Beagles have always been my choice for “Best in Show”

My first dog of my own was a beagle/border collie mix.

Winston, my beagle/border collie

Winston, my beagle/border collie

Winston will always be my favorite dog. She graduated from college with me, moved into my first house with me, served as the “flower dog” in my wedding, and helped welcome home my two children. She also became the logo dog for Cold Nose Lodge. Since then, I have adopted three beagles (and three black lab mixes). I also foster several dogs each year for SOS Beagle Rescue.

Everyone has a favorite dog breed. Mine is the beagle.


Blue beagle


Betty beagle

Beagles are adorable, stubborn, great to snuggle, good with kids, and yes, have a voice. Not all beagles like to sing. My beagle Blue loves to explore the backyard and tell us all about the paths of the squirrels that have visited. My other beagle Betty would much rather lounge around on our king bed, or snuggle with the kids on the couch. Both are REALLY into food.

Blue would like to roam the woods behind our house and does occasionally sneak out for an adventure. Her predecessor, Bruno, had the same wanderlust. Even with that strong desire to see the world, they both loved a good nap in a cozy bed or on the couch at home. Bruno enjoyed watching the Hallmark channel with his Nana when she watched him.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about beagles over the years:

  1. Some beagles can be trusted off leash, but most cannot be off leash in an unfenced area.
  2. Some beagles bark and howl at any little disturbance in the neighborhood, but some can’t be bothered.
  3. Some beagles have a beautiful bay, and some make a sound like a dying duck.
  4. Some beagles do not like children, but most love them. (They quickly learn that children drop crumbs.)
  5. Some beagles get a stinky “houndy” smell, but their feet may smell like corn chips.
  6. Some beagles don’t enjoy the company of other dogs, but most do well in groups of dogs.
  7. Some beagles are stubborn, but others are REALLY stubborn.
  8. Some beagles have a course coat, but they all have ears that feel like velvet.
  9. Some beagles will let you dress them up for Halloween or in a cute sweater, but some will shred a sweater in minutes.
Blue resting on the couch after exploring the yard.

Blue resting on the couch after exploring the yard.

IMG_6553[1]If you are thinking of adopting a beagle, please check your local shelter and beagle rescue groups. I can personally recommend SOS Beagle Rescue and BREW.

We often have beagle foster dogs at Cold Nose Lodge, and you can visit Betty or Blue in the lobby most weekdays at the lodge, too.

Stoli thinks he is a beagle like his sisters.

Stoli thinks he is a beagle like his sisters.

Posted by Rayne Reitnauer of Cold Nose Lodge