Be an Angel for Animals (and get a tax write off, too)

We are down to the final days of 2014. This is your last chance to make tax-deductible donations. Animal rescues and care facilities are always in need of help. Be an angel for the animals this season, and help fill the rescues and shelters wish lists. Most people know that shelters are always in need of towels, blankets, food, and litter. Here are a few other ideas to help:

  • Money – Providing for rescue animals is a costly expense. Medical costs alone can reach thousands of dollars each month. Shelters and rescue organizations also must provide food, staffing, facilities. Money is easy to give and is always welcome.
  • Gift cards – Did you receive gift cards that you won’t use? Re-gift them to a local rescue or shelter. Most helpful are gift cards that can be used for food, gas, office supplies and cleaning products. Restaurant cards and other fun gift cards can be used in raffles.
  • Office and cleaning supplies – Your local shelter can use paper products, office supplies, cleaners, paper products.
  • New or gently used vehicles – Rescuing and caring for our furry friends includes a lot of travel. Reliable vehicles with plenty of cargo space are always in need. Think of cargo vans, minivans, and SUVs.
  • Construction supplies – The care and sheltering of animals requires space, lots and lots of space. Many shelters could use an addition to their existing building or even the construction of a new facility. Upgrade of a current facility requires supplies and labor. Consider donating construction supplies and/or your time to keep these buildings safe and in good condition.

DSC00564In addition to your donations in 2014, start planning how you will help the animals in 2015. Your time as a volunteer is a priceless donation, and is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. From feeding, cleaning, transporting, caring for, fostering and adopting….there is something for everyone to offer.

Nothing is more valuable than your time.



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