Bark and Wine for the Beagles

Next Thursday, June 12, 2014, Cold Nose Lodge is hosting its Bark and Wine event to benefit SOS Beagle Rescue. SOS Beagle Rescue and Cold Nose Lodge work with each other to get beagles of all ages adopted. These beagles all have different stories and come from all over. No matter their story, the Lodge welcomes them all with open arms and gives them a suite, food and snacks, playtime, training, and lots of love free of charge. This is just one more thing Cold Nose Lodge does to help dogs who are not as fortunate as the ones that already have homes.

Meet our foster beagle Jake.

Meet our foster beagle Jake.

Bark and Wine is also a socialization event where you can bring your own dog, let him play, socialize with other owners, and meet with local vendors. There will be great food provided by My Grandmother’s Table, wine, and lots of dogs! What isn’t to love about this night?

The event runs 7:30pm-9:00pm and all are welcome! This is also a great time to check out our new floor in the small dog room! The workers put in so much time to ensure that the floor would turn out great. The Lodge loves it and so do the dogs!

The main goal though is to raise money for the SOS Beagle Rescue. As dog owners, we know what it is like to love our dogs and spoil them. So many dogs are not fortunate enough to get shelter, love, or even food because they are abandoned, misplaced, or abused. It is important that we support shelters and rescue groups, that are saving dogs and giving them a second chance at life like the SOS Beagle Rescue does. Some of these dogs are even on the euthanasia list and with a potential adopter they have a second chance at having a family and being loved.

Looking at all of the dog’s the night of the Bark and Wine, I know without a doubt that you will see a sparkle in all of these dog’s eyes that could never be described. So many are rescues that come and they’re so happy, who would have thought? But with the proceeds that are going to the SOS Beagle Rescue, all dogs will have that sparkle in their eye because they are rescued and getting a second chance at life.

We hope you have the time next week to support the beagles and provide the hope that they need in any way possible. Cold Nose Lodge and SOS Beagle Rescue do so much already and we all need to work together in order to help all of these dogs. When people and animals come together and work together, anything is possible.


-posted by Laura K.