Back to School Means Back to Daycare

Our dogs get so used to being around people during the summer and being active. When school starts again, they are back to days left alone at home. Although some rest days are good, being active is still an important part of a dog’s life. Both physical activity and the mental stimulation of getting out of the house are important for your dog’s overall health.
Daycare is a great option for getting your dog exercise and interaction with humans and other dogs. The dogs are kept busy throughout the day. In many facilities, you are able to check in on live webcams of the playrooms.
The greatest part of daycare, at least for the owners, may be the sleepy dog at the end of the day. When you get home from a long day of work, school, errands, and kids’ sports, you don’t have to worry about fitting in a long walk for your dog. Quick potty breaks are all you need.

If you are interested in daycare for your dog, the first step is to set up an evaluation. The evaluation shows us the temperament of your dog and how they interact with the other dogs in the playroom. If you’re unsure or on the fence about bringing your dog to daycare, come in and tour our facility and talk to our staff members! We love dogs and want them to have the best experience possible!
We have new play equipment so if you haven’t been to daycare in a while it’s even more of a reason to come for a play day!