9th Annual Heroes Helping Heroes Sunday, May 4th

This Sunday, May 4th is the 9th Annual Heroes Helping Heroes Blood Drive and Pet Fair! It starts at noon and goes until 5pm at the Macungie Memorial Park. Everyone is encouraged to come and donate blood, including your furry k9 companions!

There are going to be a variety of things to do, including demonstrations from different rehabs and rescue centers, awesome trainers and clubs to check out, and everyone’s favorite, vendors; to shop the day away! Cold Nose Lodge will be there, so what better time than now to stop by and learn about booking a summer vacation for your dog? If you don’t have the exact dates you’re going on vacation then stop by and see what else we have to offer; we don’t bite!

It’s important to go to these events because there are so many people and animals in need that can’t get the medical attention they need without others support. No one ever knows when tragedy will strike. It is up to us to be proactive and save lives before there’s even a question of life or death. The Miller-Keystone Blood Center and Valley Central Animal Blood Bank are there for a reason. They need everyone’s help in donating blood, from people to dogs and cats. There can never be too much blood because accidents happen every day and with your donations we can help save many more lives. It only takes a few minutes and trained professionals are there to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Sunday is going to be a fun filled day full of exciting things to do. But, do forget, it’s not all fun and games. If you can’t donate, don’t worry about it! Donations of all sorts are always appreciated and will help tremendously. By donating one can of dog or cat food you will receive one free door prize ticket! These events make memories that are worth cherishing. Bringing your families will ensure bonding time with one and other and teach them the importance of giving back to their community! If their too young to realize that, then at least they can see cool and awesome demonstrations with therapy, agility, and k9 police dogs! Please come to Macungie Memorial Park this Sunday for an amazing day filled with amazing people, a great cause, hard workers that spend their lives helping others!

-Posted by Laura K. of Cold Nose Lodge