5th Stop On Our Renovation Tour

I am combining our last two additions in this final stop on our tour. If you ever stopped by the lodge after dark, you will appreciate part one of this stop. We have had brand new lighting added on all sides of our building. This low energy, LED lighting is still bright enough to illuminate our sidewalk and parking lot. The lights are all set to automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Part two of this tour is our HVAC system. The upgrades are not glamorous, but the CNL staff is thrilled. We have a new heating and air conditioning zone that covers our grooming, kitchen, laundry, and bath rooms. Can you believe we lived without heat in our bathroom for five years? Grooming had been heated and air conditioned, but it was on the same system as the small playroom. With the new configuration, we have five separate air zones. We also added additional filters to the playrooms and boarding. Keeping our air clean and comfortable will be even easier for us.

If you haven’t seen the lodge in person, please stop by for a tour. We love to show off our upgraded facility. The dogs will keep an eye out for you.