4th Stop On Our Renovation Tour

Additional boarding capacity was high on our list when making plans for renovations. In order to make room for additional suites, two storage closets were removed, and Rayne’s office was reduced to the size of a large closet. We kept the same style as our previous 20 suites for the seven new suites.


The gates are pool gates, with a latch up above the gate. We also made the suites big enough to accommodate toddler beds. (Those dogs that can’t have a mattress are provided with a cot.) The flooring is a commercial grade linoleum. It provides a more homey feeling, while still allowing us to regularly clean and disinfect.


As always, even with the larger number of suites, the dogs do not spend their days in the suites. They are in playgroups for most of the day with a mid-day break. By the time the dogs return to their suites at the end of the night, they are ready to curl up and rest up for the next day of play. Dogs are welcome to bring anything from home to make their time in the suite feel more like home. Some dogs come with multiple bags of blankets, pillows, and toys.


Next week is our anniversary celebration. We will continue our blog tour of renovations after Thanksgiving. Still to come: new HVAC system, and outdoor lighting.