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The lodge has been going through some big changes this fall. Literally the biggest change is our new parking lot. The old lot had been deteriorating. It was cracking, growing weeds, and had poor drainage. Please enjoy cruising around the building next time you visit the lodge. 


Also included in the new lot are bollards to protect the fence to the small dog yard. You wouldn’t believe how many times people have backed into the corner. We now have no more worries about the corner and the safety of the dogs. We encourage everyone to park at an angle and proceed around the back of the building when leaving. 


Around the back of our lot, we changed the layout a bit. It is now more of a travel lane than a parking spot. The gravel is safe for parking when we have larger classes or events that require more spaces.


Next week we will move on to our second stop on the tour – our new nap room.


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